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Sunday Sessions ft Robobrooke + Bon Voyage Party


For the 4th installment of Sunday Sessions we are very excited to be showcasing one of our long time friends for a special going away event. Join us a Robobrooke aka Brooke Daly celebrates with us one last time before she hits the road to move to Michigan to get her Master's degree! Brooke has been a core member of Camp Triptych since its inception and we couldn't be happier to give her a proper send off before she moves away!

Join us in celebration August 4th for another FREE DAY PARTY event as we have extra cause to come together for a proper going away bash!

Robobrooke (Camp Triptych)

+ Resident DJs
Deep Water Risee (CUE, Camp Triptych)

god particle (CUE, Camp Triptych)

Jamison Daniel (CUE)

Luis Triptych (CUE, Camp Triptych)

This Event is in support of:
San Diego Rapid Response Network
The San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN) stands ready to respond to the needs of vulnerable immigrants and their families – advocating for their safety, providing emergency assistance, and coordinating free and low-cost legal representation to defend against family separation and unjust deportation.

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21+ with Valid ID for Entry