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CUE at Ebullition Brew Works - Saturday August 11th

Cue Colin 2018.11.08.jpg

CUE is coming back at you again with another free event at our favorite local brewery! Join us at Ebullition for another day of thick vibes, delicious beers, and friendly faces. This time we are bringing in Collin Vaz aka Cole Vassallo a resident of United by Bass one of San Diego's premiere house music crews not to mention all around rad dude.

For this event we will be supporting Young Producers Group by donating $1 for every new person who signs up for our email list. 

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Here is Young Producers Group's mission statement:

"Young Producers Group’s mission is to get kids making the music they love in ultra-affordable programs at schools, non-profits, and in studios around the world. With kids from different socioeconomic backgrounds all interested in making electronic music, we aim to use electronic music like Hip Hop and Techno as tools for young people to use to connect across the lines that usually separate them. Collaboration and musical development become vehicles for personal and social growth with YPG.

YPG provides a creative community for youth at all skill levels and from all different backgrounds. In-school, after-school, and summer programs connect kids across Los Angeles through the exploration of audio production, beat making, recording, and electronic music performance. With Ableton Live music software as the engine of this exploration, we're helping kids discover the joy of making music. YPG is showing the youth of Los Angeles how to make electronic music and, in turn, the young people are showing the world how creative any of them can be when given the proper opportunities to flourish."

Guest Performers
Cole Vassallo (United By Bass)

Mike Rudolph

CUE Residents:
Deep Water Rise

God Particle

Luis Triptych

Food Vendor

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ALL Responsible Ages Permitted
Dog Friendly
21+ to Drink

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