Philanthropy Spotlight: Dance Music Initiative


Collectively inspire creativity through dance music culture.

Dance Music Initiative (DMI) is a collective of dance music enthusiasts who pool their resources and knowledge to support others in their musically creative endeavors. DMI inspires others through instruction, mentoring, and sharing. DMI will continue its success with every person that asserts the collective has enriched their life and has made a positive impact on their ability to express themselves with dance music.

We at CUE had the pleasure of collaborating with the leadership of DMI at a recent festival event and are excited to have been able to donate a portion of the proceeds from our most recent event to their cause. It’s amazing to see the work they are doing in southern California to promote the music scene and educate those who want to learn. They offer free DJ lessons almost every week in Costa Mesa, CA. Keep up-to-date on their most recent happenings at their social media outlets linked below!



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