Event: CUE Presents Britton + Ghost Strype at Kava Lounge - March 10th

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Britton (Noise Revolt, Minimal Sessions) and Ghost Strype (Triptych) both heavy hitters in the local techno scene will be joining up with CUE for a night which is sure to be a blast back at Kava Lounge on March 10th! The CUE Residents will be warming up the night and we will have some serious sound reinforcement compliments of Astral Audio! If that wasn't good enough reason to come, we will be donating a portion of proceeds to a charity which we will be announcing in the next few days on this page!

Britton (Noise Revolt, Minimal Sessions)

Ghost Strype (Triptych)

+ CUE Residents

Deep Water Rise (CUE/Triptych)

God Particle (CUE/Triptych)

Luis Triptych (CUE/Triptych)

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This event is in support of GiveWell's top charities

10% of all door profits will be donated to GiveWell's recommended charities. GiveWell is an organization that analyzes charities that do the most good with the donations they receive in terms of lives saved and people helped; we're donating our profits so that GiveWell can allocate the funds among their recommended charities according to where their research suggests the donation will do the most good. To learn more or donate please visit https://www.GiveWell.org/.

Vendors/Artists TBA soon!

21+ for and $10 for Entry

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